Is it time for you to slow down and begin to breathe?


Have you only gotten so far with talking about it (whatever "it" is?)


Are you ready to deepen your commitment to your heart and your spirit?


Has the time come for you to live your life intentionally, rather than by default?


Have you forgotten who you are?


If so, you are in the right place!

We are so glad you have found us!! Life is challenging for all of us.  We at the Counseling Collective do not do it alone and you don't have to either! We are here to offer support and guidance as you dip your toe into the swell of emotion and history or dive right into the depth of yourself. We begin where you are and move toward balance through your conscious connection with all levels of yourself. We work with you to gain insight and understanding about your life and offer tools to help you seek balance.  Our aim is to help you get to the underlying belief structures that are causing disturbances in your life. We believe everyone can heal and thrive in their lives.  That means YOU! We welcome your struggles with body image, prenatal and post- partum issues, medical trauma, chronic illness, LGBTQ issues, grief, anxiety and trauma. In addition to insight oriented talking therapy,  we invite you to consider the use of art making, movement, role-playing, writing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping), and other body-centered modalities in your process of healing. The therapists at the Counseling Collective at Breathing Space support your journey of self rediscovery and honor your inner wisdom.

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May our work together open your heart and ignite your spirit!


While we do not take insurance directly, services provided by our licensed clinicians may be partially reimbursed by insurance in the event that your policy allows for "out-of-network" mental health coverage. If that is the case, Counseling Collective will provide you with a paid statement monthly for you to submit for reimbursement.

If you will be seeing an Intern or a Limited Permit therapist, insurance reimbursement is not possible. We do, however, offer a sliding fee scale to make therapy affordable. For detailed information on all of our policies and procedures, click here!

We have two locations:

3455 Erieville Road in Erieville, NY

600 E. Genesee St. #114, Syracuse, NY (with Integrative Practitioners).